General Info

The flexible nature of the BoxBotix designs will allow you to customize and finish your BBot in several ways.  Below is a listing of general specifications and items needed to complete your BBot.  We will be building and testing various BBot configurations, and will publish results of these tests on our blog.


  • Dimensions: 22in Long (nose to tail) x 20in Wide (motor centers) x 14.5in tall (top of GPS mast)
  • ~2.8lbs Frame only weight
  • ~5lbs Empty Weight (no battery, no payload)
  • ~10lbs Max Gross (depends on power system selection)


  • Motors: 43mm max diameter
  • Battery: up to 6s Lipo (depends on motor selection)
  • ESC: 20~40A (depends on motor selection)
  • Propellers: up to 14in
  • Autopilot: Pixhawk compatible
  • Radio: 4~6 channel


  • Payload: Bottom lid mount interface is adaptable to most 2 or 3 axis gimbals designed for small cameras
  • GPS
BBCopter Full Kit
BBCopter Full Kit