BBCopter System


A ready to fly BBCopter built and tested at our shop.  Standard and Custom options available.

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Product Description

Each BBCopter System is built to order with the highest quality components we can source, and then we ground and flight test to ensure you are getting only the best system we can provide.  We provide several standard options as well as custom work.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


~4.0 pounds airframe only

~6.0 pounds no battery

~8.0 pounds with 6s flight battery

~10.0 pound max gross

20 minutes of hover at sea level in no winds with no payload

Fits in a Pelican 1690 in one piece when using 14in fixed props or 15in folding props


Standard Build

(4) KDE KDE3510XF-475 brushless outrunner motor

(4) KDE KDEXF35 35A Multirotor ESC

(8) 14in Multirotor props w/adapters

(1) Navio2 Autopilot with Raspberry Pi3

(1) High Gain USB WiFi (5.8GHz)

(1) FrSky RC TX/RX (2.4GHz)

(1) RSI Power Distro w/ redundant 5V DC regulators and current sensor

(2) 6,000 MAhr 6S lithium flight battery

(1) AC/DC Multi-port Battery Charger

(1) Pelican 1690 transport case with custom foam inserts

Additional Information


None, Lightware SF11/C LIDAR



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