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Printed Treads and a new BBot

Just got our hands on a new Taz6 3D Printer from Lulzbot! We’re going to break it in attempting to print treads for the BBRover tires out of Ninjaflex


10 hours later… We got a great looking tread with a nice snug fit around our stock BBRover tire, but we’re going to push the Taz6 to its limits and go bigger


The new bigger design was a success! Really happy with the results from the Taz6. With a little help from our magic glue (stuff sticks to everything), we’ve got new treads for our BBRover Monster Truck edition, and it’s ready for action. Big motors, big tires, big wheels, big fun


After completely shredding the EPP wheels on the BB Monster Truck going 20mph straight into doing donuts, we’re seeing a lot of value from the Ninjaflex tires.  That stuff is TOUGH. We’re still not getting the traction to climb stairs like we were hoping, but it might just have the speed we need to convert into a launcher for our plane (hint hint wink wink)

Tread comparison

Alright, we just can’t stop playing with new treads until we’ve finally climbed something! We’re working on a new variation of BBRover which we are convinced will get the job done. Here’s a sneak peek

Tank Tread

One side complete! Sized to fit a BBRover setup with the Shorty BrainBox and modified BBRover wheels. There is enough stretch in the Ninjaflex tread that it fits snuggly. The new wheels have teeth which engage the slits on the tread, ten at a time. Initial tests show it stays on fine while spinning. Waiting for the other side to finish printing, more tests to come


Introducing the newest member of the ever growing BoxBotix family, we’re calling this one the BBTank. This little guy should finally have what it takes to tackle some rock obstacles


Went out looking for rocks to climb, came across something even better. A short walk from the office and we found ourselves an awesome little urban obstacle course to put the BBTank to the test


Awesome results for both the BBTank and printing treads out of Ninjaflex. We’ve already got grand plans to modify our tread design so it can be printed in sections and pinned together. This allows us to scale our tank tread to fit any size requirement. From there we can make a tread that fits a full sized BBRover, or a shorty version with wheels big enough to drive upside down or right side up. Our urban obstacle course shows the potential for the BBTank to traverse through places like construction sites, war zones, areas suffering from natural disasters, etc. We think the BBTank is here to stay

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Build Instructions

We have shipped all of our Kickstarter Backer Kits and have shifted focus to completing our documentation.

We are going to host our documentation and community on Wevolver.   We have started the process of documenting the build steps and you can see an example here.  We suggest getting a Wevolver account so you can follow along and help build the community there.  We will also copy the instructions to a PDF so you have the ability to print them out and use them in the shop.

Our goal is to have the documentation done by end of April.  Store opening will coincide with the completion of our documentation.



Team Rocketship




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Kickstarter Goal Met

Thanks to all of our Backers we met our Kickstarter Goal!  So far the plan is progressing well.  We have all of the small parts and carbon fiber ordered, and are working with a few vendors on the final details for the kit parts that need outsourced machine work.

To keep our Backers informed we will post updates on the Kickstarter site.  You can follow along here…

Once we get all of our Backer Kits shipped — by end of March 2016 — we will be opening our web store here and hosting a new community (plan is for a forum with integrated email similar to Google Groups).

Meantime, if you have any questions feel free to use the comment section or email us via the contact form.

BBPlane Full Kit
BBPlane Full Kit


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Our Kickstarter Is Coming

I am excited to announce that our Kickstarter Campaign has been approved and we are planning our launch for the morning of Tuesday December 1st.  We will be offering the BBCopter, BBPlane and BBRover in both Full Frame Kits and Bring Your Own Printer (BYOP) Kits.  The BYOP kits will be for those of you with access to a 3D printer that can handle ABS, and want to print your own modules.

Stay tuned to this site for more details.  You can subscribe to our email list to easily keep up with the latest.  Please like, follow, and otherwise share this information with all your friends!


BBCopter Ready to Fly
Example BBCopter Full Frame Kit
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Introducing BoxBotix and the BBots

The idea for BoxBotix has evolved over the last several years. We run a small shop that produces CNC foam cores and other, similar parts for R/C aircraft and small UAV’s. We get a lot of emails and phone calls from people trying to fly sensors but lack the robot to put them on. So we decided to see if we could design something that was easy to modify/hack, make, build, use and sustain. All Open Source. BoxBotix is the result.

For now, we are happy to introduce the first two prototypes in the BoxBotix ecosystem. We call them BBots in general, and more specifically, BBCopter and BBRover for the first two. We are still working on BBPlane and other BBot variants. Before we release any more details we are also working on cleaning up our designs, documentation and a long list of todo’s. At the top of that list is finding tools/people/funding to properly create and manage a new community. Not a small endeavor to do it right. Meantime, just a few pictures to give you an idea of where we are headed…